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Sponsor your date night out, local event or service to Couples in Calgary. 

What is Date Night Design?

Established in January of 2019, Date Night Design free's couples from making date night decisions so they can enjoy new experiences, have more time for life and increase their desire for one another.

While our main focus is date night planning we offer a variety of relationship-related posts on our Facebook page as well as informative blogs, downloads and more in the VIP section of our website.


Data and Demographics

  • 47% Email Open Rate

  • 26% Click Through Rate 

  • 65% Male

  • 35% Female

  • Interests: Shopping, Luxury, Food, Entertainment


Affordable Local Advertising Opportunities Starting at $29

  • Boosted Post on Facebook

  • Article with a follow  link back  in the Couples Lounge

  • Email Marketing

  • Sponsored Contests

  • Sponsored Date Night Mystery Bag and more...


Calgary, AB

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Date Night Ideas

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