Stay Warm and Snuggle Up This Winter with these Cool Date-Night Ideas in Calgary

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Calgary Winter Date Ideas
Winter Date NIght Ideas in Calgary

Just because it's -30 in Calgary, blowing slow, and the air hurts your face does not mean you have to skip date night with your love.

We have a bunch of fun winter date ideas and are excited to get out and enjoy the snow. Get out there with your sweetie or bundle up and stay in, either way, you won’t ever run out of fun date ideas this Winter.

2020 Winter Date-Night Ideas in Calgary:

Enjoy Some Comfort Food

Learn to cook in the bright and modern Atco Blue Flame Kitchen. The instructors know you have a busy schedule and have arranged classes that work for everyone's schedule.

Cookbook Co. Cooks has been teaching Calgarians how to cook delicious, healthy food since 1984.

In the hands-on classes at Cuisine et Chateau, students are guided as they make a three-course dinner.

Or you can stay warm inside and order a meal-delivery kit to assemble together at home. This is a great way to spend time together and learn new cooking skills.

Build a Gingerbread House

Making a gingerbread house isn't as difficult as it might seem. With the right tools and techniques, it's a snap, and fun for anyone. See how creative you can get with what you have around the house.

Dust off a Boardgame

This list of top 10 couples games are all very accessible, but they also can teach you a lot about the people you play with, and how those people work together as a couple.

  1. Wits and Wagers

  2. Junk Art

  3. Walk the Plank

  4. Pairs

  5. Pandemic

  6. Concept

  7. Ice Cool

  8. Escape: The Cuse of the Temple

  9. Carcassonne

  10. Codenames

Play some of the dusty board games you have around the house. Make it a competition and the winner gets a special "prize".

Get Waited On

Enjoy dinner at one of Calgary's 4 best date night restaurants or find a new one to try out! To help you find your perfect spot, consider these four common criteria and book your reservations accordingly.


Does the restaurant offer items both you and your date will enjoy. If your unsure does it have a variety to choose from?


Does the place have a good reputation, a good number of positive reviews? Anything below 3 stars should be a definite scratch.


Does the location offer the right vibe you're looking for if your looking for a more casual date is it maybe too fancy and visa Versa


Smaller restaurants with secluded tables and or nooks offer a more intimate and conversation-friendly experience.

Cheer on Your Team

Watch a local hockey or football game in person. It doesn’t have to be a Calgary Flames game, the Hitmen are just as entertaining and the Stampeders are more affordable than you might think.

Work on a Project

Start a new project. There is usually always a project you’ve been wanting to do but haven’t made the time. If you don’t have an idea in mind, there’s always Pinterest.

Get Sporty

  • Go Skating

  • Play Hockey

  • Strap on some snowshoes

  • Skiing or Snowboarding

  • Try out some Cross country

*Winter rentals are available from Sports Rent

Be a Kid Again

Dress warmly and head over to the local hill. WinSport has one of the largest and fastest tubing parks in Western Canada. Even if you only hike up the hill once it will make you feel like you’re kids again. You can always go and get hot chocolate after to warm up.

Light a fire in the backyard and build a snowman, an igloo or have a small snow fight.

Decorate the House

Turn Christmas Decorating into Date Night. Go pick out a real tree or set up your fake tree and decorate it together. Don’t forget to turn on the holiday tunes.

Here is a list for your enjoyment!

Fall In Love Again

Put on the kettle and try 36 questions to fall in love. These questions are broken into three sets, with each set intended to be more probing than the previous. The idea is that mutual vulnerability fosters closeness.

Check out a Christmas Light Display

Check out the free holiday light displays in and around Calgary. Below is a list of the most popular ones that run annually.

  1. Calgary Zoo Lights

  2. Lions Festival of Lights

  3. Airdrie Festival of Lights

  4. Spruce Meadows

There are also some amazing private displays we recommend checking out:

  • 100 Templevale Place NE, Calgary, AB

  • 63 Ventura Way NE, Calgary, AB

  • 33 Connaught Drive Northwest, Calgary, AB

  • 2636 28 Street Southwest, Calgary, AB

  • 385 Cantrell Drive Southwest, Calgary, AB

  • 15003 Deer Run Dr SE, Calgary, AB

  • 113 Chapalina Close Southeast, Calgary, AB

Get Crafty

Head to the craft store. You can pick up supplies and make your own holiday decorations.

Tell Us: What is your favourite winter date night activity in Calgary?

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