Tips to Make Your First Date (or any date) Incredible and Leave a Lasting Impression

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

First Date Tips

Whether you’re starting to date again after a relationship or have been dating for a while, there is nothing like the adrenaline of a first date. Especially when you’ve met online – finally you are going to meet in real life. These tips are sure to make your first date (or any date) incredible.

Never do the following on a first date

  • Analyze them

  • Decide what kind of parent they would be

  • Try to find out what’s ‘wrong’ with them

  • Grill them to see if they meet your dating criteria

  • Let them make all the effort to impress you

  • Expect to feel fireworks

A first date is simply a chance to meet someone new and see whether you get along. The reality is you’re unlikely to hit it off with everyone; you’ll like some a lot more than others and some a heck of a lot less.

Here are some tips to make sure your first date is incredible:

Understand Being Single isn’t a Curse

Being single isn't an affliction in need of explanation. It's everyone's default status.

Reconsider the idea of "The One."

Knowing that it only takes one doesn't automatically mean there only is one. Look at your odds—there are many people out there, so of course more than one might make you happy!

Dinner is Overrated

Grabbing an evening drink or coffee is often a safer bet then dinner. If you're going to dinner, you are going to have a lot more time to fill with the conversation.

First Date Ideas in Calgary

Be You

It's exhausting to try to be what someone wants instead of being yourself.

End a Bad Date

Don't suffer through an awful experience just because you feel like you owe it to them. It is perfectly acceptable to stop date if you can tell it's not going to work out.

Play Things Closer to the Vest

It's always good to be upfront about what you want, but that doesn't mean you have to get elaborate on the first date.

Save the Complaining for Later

Even if the traffic on Deerfoot was ridiculous or your sister is acting up again, being overly negative on a first date can do more harm than good.

Don't Shy From Taboo Topics

Conventional wisdom says not to touch on things like politics and religion on the first date. But isn't it better to know right away if your beliefs don't align? After all, you can always end a bad date.

Getting in Touch After

Sending a text to say thanks is a sweet, easy way to reiterate your interest for a second date, even if you think you did a good job of projecting it in person.

In conclusion, while getting ready for your next date remember that you’re not going to some big scary interview, you’re off to meet a real person, with a real-life who wants to meet you too. Go on your date with an open heart, an open mind and enjoy the experience. After all, it’s just a date.

Tell us: Do you have any first date disasters? Do you have any additional tips to share with the community? Share in the comments below:

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