The Ultimate List of Date Night Ideas for Couples at Home

Updated: May 25, 2020

The Ultimate List of Date Night Ideas for Couples at Home

Whether you're in self-quarantine from Covid-19, have a cold and don't want to risk contact with others or need a fun new date night idea you can do from or near home, we got you covered.

Even if you don’t have kids yet, going out for date night can still be a challenge or you might just not have a lot of energy or money to go out. Although your circumstances for wanting a stay at home date night might be different. Maybe you have kids and finding a sitter isn't always easy or its the middle of the winter and you prefer to be cuddled up at home.

Whatever the reason, we’ve come up with options for fun date ideas at home.

BONUS: Almost all of these stay at home date night ideas are free or budget-friendly. Next time you don’t feel like going out or maybe can’t go out, try one of our stay at home date night ideas for couples in Calgary!

Dig Out an Old Gameboard

Order a Date Night Mystery Bag

Watch a Sunset or Sunrise

Enjoy a Fire in the Backyard

Build a Fort and Watch Movies

Explore New Areas While GeoCaching

Enjoy a Movie and Popcorn from Cineplex

Colour Pictures for Eachother

Start Your Seedlings for the Garden

Dig Out the Old Gaming Console

Play some Badminton or Frisbee in the Yard

Go for a Walk around the Block

Organize Your Photo Albums

Go for a Bikeride around the Neighbourhood

Spoil Eachother with Couples Massages

Start a New Project Together

Put Together a Home Spa

Build a Snowman or Igloo in the Backyard

Finish a Challenging Puzzle with Tea or Hot Chocolate

Bake a New Recipe Together or Make Your Favourite Treats

Order some Canvas and Paints for a Home Paint Night

Ask 36 Questions to Fall In Love All Over Again

Plan Your Next Vacation or Dream Vacation

Break Out a Sweat and Workout

Have a Water Fight in the Yard

Blast Some Tunes and Spring Clean the House

Go for a Scenic Drive

Take a 30 Day Yoga Challenge

Play Table Tennis on your Dinning or Coffee Table - who needs a net!

Support Local Small Business in Calgary

Tell Us: What are some of your favourite home date night ideas? What have you been up to with the recent COVID-19 restrictions for gathering in groups?

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