Shower Your King or Queen with Appreciation and Fuel Your Desire like Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

How to show your husband or wife you love them
Shower Your Queen or King with Appreciation

Whether we are newly married or have been together for over a decade, we sometimes take our spouse for granted. Basic courtesy, gratitude, and care for each other wear off and we start to feel unappreciated. Researchers have referred to gratitude as a shot for improved romantic relationships. Every day is filled with opportunities to tell the special person in your life, how grateful you are for them and the relationship and to shower our Queen or Kind with appreciation.

Here are some ways to shower your king or queen with well-deserved appreciation and or gratitude:

When your partner helps with a chore, don’t take their work for granted. Appreciate the care and thoughtfulness your partner invests in this day-to-day grunt work.

Specifying what makes you thankful shows you are sincere. Say: “Thank you for shovelling the sidewalks today”. It gave me time to relax!” or “It was nice of you to take kids out, so I was able to work in peace.”

If you keep using “Thank you” all the time, it loses its charm and meaning after a while. Try more personalized phrases like: “I appreciate it”, “I love it when you….”, “I am grateful…” etc.

When your partner is unable to deliver up to your expectations, thank them for their effort.

You would be surprised; how powerful little acts of gratitude can be in making your king or queen feel extra special. Hide a note somewhere your partner will discover or send a quick text message on your way to work. Just by paying attention to them shows how much you care.

Sweet Compliments for Your Husband or Wife

Inform your partner about the impact they have had on your success. Whether it’s your career, academic pursuits, parenting or spiritual growth, appreciate how they contribute to the achievement of your goals.

The test of a grateful attitude is when you take the initiative to make someone feel special when they need you the most. If your partner feels down or drained, be more thoughtful. Offer to do chores rather than wait to be asked. Let them take a nap, give them a message, or take them out for an unexpected date night.

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