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Updated: Nov 18, 2019

Box # 1 | Sense-ual Date Night in a Box | August 2019

There is 1 left as of 10/05/2019

On our facebook page last week, we asked if you would be interested in a "Curated Date Night in a Box" . The response was 100% yah, baby!! YEAH.

You said YAS!

We are excited to announce the release of our first-ever curated date night in a box. This will be a test box to determine actual interest and demand.

This box is a sense-ual one, focusing on a date night in the boudoir with massage and playing with your senses.

Let's dig in and find out what you can expect to find in our first ever date night in a box:

The box features a soy massage oil candle. I tried out CandeScents last month and loved not only that they were a local small business but that they were super cute, handmade with love, smelled great and are enhanced with vitamin E & Almond oil for extra kindness to the skin. I didn't let mine burn long enough the first time and found I didn't have enough oil but when I actually followed the directions and let it burn all the way around, it worked great!

Soy Massage Candle

So, what goes with a massage oil candle, let's find out what other treasure we can find in the date night box!

Start off your sensual night in with a soak in the tub, while your massage candle oil heats up jump in the tub with some relaxing charcoal bath salts (included) and maybe a glass of wine or lemon water (not included). Dead sea minerals are well known for their high efficacy, helping soothe, relief aches and improve skin condition while warming and relaxing.

Charcoal Bath Salts

The personal facial massager only works on the person holding it (science) so we recommend taking turns giving it a try after your soak (it is not waterproof). Try closing your eyes and lightly tapping on your eyelids, around your eyes, temples and lips. If you plan to use this "elsewhere" (not recommended) please do so over the clothing.

Personal Massager

Next, set the scene by lighting some scattered tea lights (included with glass holders) and red rose petals (included) safely around the room and turning on some light background music.

Tealights with Holders

Decorative Rose Petals

Fill your spray bottle (included) with cool water, rose water or water and some of your favourite essential oils (not included). This can be used throughout your massage for a cooling effect much like you would with ice cubes but much less messy. This feels great on the face, especially on a hot summer night.

Cooling Spray Bottle

Determine, if you will take turns giving massages or if you will treat your partner. I get mine to lay with their head at the end of the bed and to one side for easier access - that is unless you have a professional massage table you can use- jealous!

Make sure to put the darkening face mask (included) on your partner to heighten their senses before you start your treatment. But not before they see the wonderful candles and petals displayed!

Darkening Face Masks

Although you may want to enjoy the view of your partner's beautiful body on full display we suggest covering them with a light sheet for added comfort and only expose the area to be worked on (let's focus on the massage first and the fun stuff later). You can use the sheet for cleaning up residual oil and or water afterwards and toss in the laundry.

By now, your massage candle should be fully melted and ready for use. Blow out and pour either on the area to be worked or into your hands for a less intense experience. We suggest keeping your favourite body lotion or another massage oil present for more sensitive and awkward areas of the body like the face, neck and arms. The candle oil is best for larger areas like the back, shoulders and thighs.

Check out this massage for couples videos for tips and tricks.

Once you have completed your partner's massage you can use the feather tickler (included) for added relaxation. This is especially nice on the face and arms! You can try some other more sensitive areas as well...

Sensual Feather Tickler

If you do decide to enjoy a 'happy ending" we ask that you do so safely and consensually.

BONUS: Item from our Pure Romance Consultant

Pure Romance Sample

When you get around to cleaning up you can store your items in the reusable storage box (included) under your bed or in the closet for use again another night! You might even want to add in items you already have for these special occasions.

Date Night in a Box

---->>>>> Order your box now before we run out!

Stay tuned in for more date nights in a box and sign up to become a VIP today and thanks for supporting local small business in Calgary!

Thanks for being a part of our community!

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