A Year of Pre Planned Date Nights That Are Sure to Strengthen Your Bond and Fuel Your Desire

Updated: Feb 17, 2020


Kick-off the new decade with a night of goal setting and planning together. You can pick up a small calendar or planner, enjoy some snacks, drinks and start planning for an amazing year. You can add in important dates as you go, set monthly date nights, start planning for upcoming anniversaries, coordinate vacation dates and set achievable smart goals for the year ahead.


Skip the expensive night out and opt for a special night in together. You can pick out a new recipe to cook together for dinner or Skip the Dishes and order something in. Make sure to set the mood with some dim lighting, light some candles, draw a hot bath and take turns giving each other massages.

Don't forget the chocolate!


Celebrate the first day of Spring by planting a flower or starting a garden together. You can visit your local dollar or home improvement store for a pretty pot, some potting soil and some seeds. You might even take things further and get a pot that you can paint together. Make sure to keep this inside until the final frost has passed - sometime in May!


When the temperatures start to turn for the better you can head outside for a nice romantic walk or bike ride. Make sure to find a spot where you can appreciate the view and or grab a coffee along the way. These are some of our 3 favourite spots for a nice walk in Calgary:

  1. Nose Hill

  2. Riverfront

  3. Reader Rock Garden


Celebrate mom with a home spa day. Soak your feet in hot water, put on some silly facials, a good movie, make some fresh cucumber water and spoil each other for the day. To add to the experience, put on some relaxing music, turn on the humidifier, dig out the electric massagers - if available and paint each other's toenails * the guys can opt for a clear coat!


Celebrate father's days with some good old fashion fun and games. Dig out an old board game, some cards or even the chips for a game of poker. Care to make a wager or two? Add to the experience with some homemade cocktails, order a pizza or wings and let the good times roll.


Take advantage of Stampede week in Calgary and find a local free pancake breakfast to attend. Most of these include live bands, petting zoos and more for a fun, free date night idea in Calgary. What's better than pancakes? Free Pancakes!


Pick up your Globalfest tickets early in the year and save up to $10. Or if you prefer to skip the crowds you can always find a spot to enjoy the fireworks display from afar. along the international avenue.

Don't forget some chairs, a blanket to snuggle, some drinks and popcorn to share!


Pack up a delicious lunch and head over to your favourite park for a day of treats, fresh air and good old fashion people watching. Make your day extra special with a game of badminton, bocce or ladder ball.

Here are some of our favourite picnic spots in Calgary:

  1. Princes Island Park

  2. Bowness Park

  3. Riley Park

  4. Reader Rock Garden

  5. Stanley Park

  6. Canmore Park

  7. North Glenmore Park

  8. Nose Hill

  9. Sandy Beach

  10. Prairie Winds Park


In the spirit of Halloween go get spooked at a local haunted house. Throw on an old costume or put together a new one at the thrift store before heading out for a night of terrors. Your date might even want to get a little bit closer for a feeling of security.


Stay warm with a mini snowball fight, make some snow angels, build a snowman or get extra ambitious and try building an igloo. This igloo frame template will ensure you have a cozy spot to snuggle!


Escape the holiday hustle with a night in building a gingerbread house together. You can bake the gingerbread your self or buy one of those pre-packed kits that come with icing and candy for decorating- which is what we recommended.

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