Complete the 30 Days of Love Challenge and Feel Better About Your Relationship

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

Take the 30 Days of Love Challenge

Can you complete the 30-day challenge?

Receive 1 new relationship task to complete daily for 30 consecutive days. We promise it won’t be anything super crazy or expensive. We won’t make you sing in public or try dangerous sex positions.

With our tips, you can carry out tasks to improve your relationship, show appreciation for your partner and maybe even fuel your desire for one another!

Let us know how tasks turn out or keep them private. You make the rules!

Day 1

30 Days of Love

Task: Ask if you can help your partner with anything

Tip: Either in person, on the phone or by text message. If they say no, follow up with something like “Are you sure? I have some free time today.”

Day 2

30 Days of Love

Task: Go a whole day without correcting them

Tip: No matter how hard, keep reminding yourself that today is a day of positivity. You can even set an alarm on your phone to remind you every few hours.

Day 3

30 Days of Love

Task: Hug your partner at least 3 times

Tip: See them off in the morning with a quick hug, welcome them home with a hug and get one final one in while you go about your regular nightly routines.

Day 4

30 Days of Love

Task: Kiss your partner at least 3 times

Tip: If you normally kiss a lot, make them last longer or try and make them more intense.

Day 5

30 Days of Love

Task: Give them an impromptu foot or neck massage

Tip: Try and make this last at least 5 minutes and do not expect anything in return.

Day 6

30 Days of Love

Task: Bake or make their favourite food

Tip: Ask them what they want for dinner or say if I baked you something today, what would you want it to be?

Day 7

30 Days of Love

Task: Leave a love note somewhere they are likely to find it

Tip: Check out this love note idea

Day 8

30 Days of Love

Task: Put at least 1 date night on the calendar this month and start planning it in advance

Tip: Ask for them to help with planning or if they have any date night ideas

Day 9

30 Days of Love

Task: Hold their hand

Tip: This could be while driving, sitting together on the couch or when you are out and about

Day 10

30 Days of Love

Task: Surprise them with some sexy lingerie, candles and light music for a night of magic

Tip: Lingerie can be overrated, naked is just as good!

Day 11

30 Days of Love

Task: Call and see how their day is going

Tip: Make a point to actively listen and ask questions

Day 12

30 Days of Love

Task: Ask them to lunch today or for a drink /coffee after work

Tip: Make sure you pick up the tab too!

Day 13

30 Days of Love

Task: Make yourself extra presentable today

Tip: This could include some makeup, different hairstyle or just put on a nice shirt or perfume

Day 14

30 Days of Love

Task: Give them a full body massage

Tip: Set the mood with lighting, music and scent, run them a hot bath to soak in prior to a more relaxing experience.

Day 15

30 Days of Love

Task: Thank them for something they have done

Tip: This can be for something they did or said

Day 16

30 Days of Love

Task: Buy them something

Tip: This does not need to be anything big or expensive and you can even choose to make them something instead.

Great Gift Ideas for Your Partner:

  • Favourite drink or snack

  • New Socks or Item of Clothing

  • Cologne or Body Spray

  • Something for a hobby

  • Plant or Flowers from the local florist

Day 17

30 Days of Love

Task: Take a selfie together today or alternatively send them an old picture of the two of you

Tips: Make sure to get goofy and have some fun with it or try and recreate the old picture.

Day 18

30 Days of Love

Task: Ask your partner for help

Tip: This can help with a household chore, an errand or something you have been meaning to do for a while but keep putting off.

Day 19

30 Days of Love

Task: Don’t expect anything from your partner today

Tip: If they decide to do things on their own that is fine but try and limit chores and asks today.

Day 20

30 Days of Love

Task: Invite them on an evening walk

Tip: Try and do this at a time they are not normally busy with something else.

Day 21

30 Days of Love

Task: Give them a compliment today

Tip: Check out our list of compliments for your queen or king for some inspiration

Day 22

30 Days of Love

Task: Take a new selfie together

Tip: Make it silly and then make it your new wallpaper

Day 23

30 Days of Love

Task: Buy or pick them some flowers

Tip: Yes, even for your man

Day 24

30 Days of Love

Task: Write a message on the mirror for them to find

Tip: Use steam from the shower or lipstick

Day 25

30 Days of Love

Task: Ask their opinion

Tip: This can be anything from a problem at work to what colour you should paint your toes

Day 26

30 Days of Love

Task: Send them something at work or surprise them with something in person

Tip: Ideas include dropping off lunch or having it delivered, sending flowers or a candy gram

Day 27

30 Days of Love

Task: Ask if they want anything

Tip: Whenever you make yourself a drink or snack, ask if they want anything or phone them on route home to see if they need you to pick up anything.

Day 28

30 Days of Love

Task: Flirt with them

Tip: Winks, flirty faces, grab their bum, bonus points for using cheesy pickup lines but only if you share them in the comments.

Day 29

30 Days of Love

Task: Turn off your computer, phone or TV when they are in the room

Tip: Give them your full attention

Day 30

30 Days of Love

Task: Tell them you love them at least 3 times

Tip: See how many you can get up to

+Repeat the challenge to keep the fire burning…

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